Consultants: Why should I use them?

David Payne

Bluedice Solutions works with a wide range of clients. Some clients are multi-nationals, some are literally two man bands, and the rest occupy every point in between. The directors and managers of smaller companies often hold several roles at the same time and because these guys are so accustomed to doing everything (or almost everything) themselves, many don’t think about enlisting the help of a business consultant. Companies often have in the mantra in their head that “Consultant = Expensive”. If this sounds familiar, here are three simple reasons that might convince you to think again.

Save time and money

Your time costs money. For every minute you are working on a problem, you are paying yourself to solve it. It makes sense to pay someone who either works at a lower hourly rate or who will solve it in less time. Someone who knows a simple short cut will likely save you money. Moreover, you and your expertise have limited time – while you are trying to ‘get your head around’ an issue, you could be working on what you are best at, which will probably be far more profitable.

Skilled consultants already have their ‘heads around’ these issues, so why not take advantage of that? They already know the common pitfalls and have many simple tried and tested solutions, which might take you months or even years to figure out. To do it yourself would actually cost you more money and delay the rest of your work.

Think of it this way – do you have time to keep up with all the changes in tax legislation? Of course not! We all know that it’s far more time efficient and cost effective to pay your accountant to look after that for you.

The right expertise at the right time

There are situations when a job needs to be done perfectly. Even if you would prefer to tackle all business matters personally, engaging an outside expert when especially complex issues arise can be an extra measure to ensure they receive proper attention and are properly resolved.

As you may only need to access this specialized expertise for a short period, engaging a consultant can also be an efficient way to access the expert knowledge you need at the right time and for the right amount of time – no more, no less. This can be far more cost-effective in the medium term than employing a new member of staff.

The independent view

A fresh pair of eyes has value in itself. A third party can give valuable feedback on matters that require objectivity, or quickly verify that you are indeed on the right track. Let’s face it, sometimes internal political issues can have a negative influence on decisions. A good consultant can offer independent, impartial advice, immune from internal relationships, without fear or favour.

Of course, this independence extends to external issues as well. Let’s say you are trying to choose an appropriate certification body to take your product forward. An independent consultant can help to guide you through the sales talk and promises, based on experience of such bodies past performance.


So there you have it. A knowledgeable consultant can save you time and money, ensure a tricky task is done properly and look at your business practices in a new way. Most of all, however, we free you up to do what you do best: being an expert at whatever it is your business does! Give us a call today or leave a message below for more information.

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